Mar 1, 2017

Normal Wear and Tear to Rental Property

What is Considered Normal Wear and Tear?

During a rental period a certain amount of wear and tear is to be expected. For instance, it is reasonable that the paint on the interior walls will become dingy and that traffic wear will be shown on carpet.

Normal Wear & Tear and the Security Deposit

The Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act states that normal wear and tear cannot be deducted from a tenant's refundable security deposit. Courts have held that landlords can expect to repaint interior walls and clean carpets.

However, holes in the walls, large stains on the carpet, and broken appliances are considered to be in excess of normal wear and therefore a landlord can deduct the cost to repair these items from the Security Deposit.

Learn how refundable Security Deposits should be refunded to Arizona tenants.

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