Aug 3, 2018

Registering Your Arizona Rental Property with the County

Arizona requires landlords to register their rental properties with the county assessor's office. Any changes to the property owner's contact information must be updated with the county within 10-days. Once the rental property has been registered with the county they reserve the right to perform periodic inspections.

The maximum penalty for renting an unregistered rental property is $1000, plus $100 per month until the law is complied with. Additionally, if an Arizona rental property is registered with the county as a rental the tenant can terminate the lease with a ten-day notice and all security deposits must be returned! See A.R.S. 33-1902(C).

Registering a rental property with the county is pretty painless. For example, if the rental property is in Maricopa County they provide a form that asks some basic information. They request basic property information such as; parcel number, street address, ownership information, and statutory agent information if applicable. A statutory agent is someone who is authorized to accept service of notices or lawsuits on a landlord's behalf. Maricopa county requires a statutory agent for all property owners who live out of state. You can reach the Maricopa county assessor's office by clicking HERE.

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