May 12, 2016

Notice of Abandonment - Has the Tenant Left my Property?

Occasionally we receive phone calls from one of our landlord clients because they believe the tenant may have abandoned the property. The landlord has; called, emailed, and texted the tenant but doesn't hear anything back. They landlord may even have driven by the property to see what's going on and not able to reach any definitive conclusion if the property has been abandoned or not.

If you believe the tenant has abandoned the property but aren't sure there is a simple solution. Go to our web page with free Arizona landlord - tenant forms and download the Notice of Abandonment document. Do not just go to the property and change the locks. This can create a lot of problems for you as a landlord if the tenant is in fact still living in the property. Don't take any unnecessary risks and just use the Notice of Abandonment!

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