Apr 9, 2015

Free: Eviction Notices & Landlord Forms

The first step in virtually any eviction is to send a notice to your tenant, letting them know there is an issue with their tenancy. This can be nonpayment of rent, a breach of lease (e.g., letting someone live there who isn't on the lease, or dumping garbage in the front yard), or terminating a month-to-month lease.

Our firm provides form notices for all of the above, and more. We don't charge any extra to send them when doing an eviction, but some landlords prefer to send the notice themselves. Click below to view the forms we offer.

Serving a notice on your tenant theoretically gives them a chance to fix the problem before it escalates into a lawsuit. The Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act requires a notice to be served before a lawsuit can be filed. The notice needs to be served one of two ways: a) sent via certified mail or b) hand-delivered with signature upon receipt (see A.R.S. § 33-1313). If the notice is not served one of these two ways, the judge can dismiss the case.