Apr 23, 2015

Big News for AZ Landlords!

A law was passed earlier this month giving Arizona landlords the power to evict anyone not named on the lease without going through the courts - that means they can call up the police and have them escorted from the property without the usual process of serving notice, filing a lawsuit, serving the lawsuit, attending the hearing, getting a judgment, and having the Constable evict them. The law was meant to protect both tenants and landlords from "unwanted houseguests," but it seems the consequences may be more far-reaching than that.

Potential problems with this new law: Are police officers now responsible to determine whether someone is on a lease or not before throwing them out? This itself could lead to a host of problems. (As per the previous law, if you called a police officer to come kick someone out of your house, they would have told you to go through the courts, and that there was nothing they could do.) Another potential problem: What about verbal agreements? Many landlords don't have written leases with tenants.

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