Nov 17, 2014

Arizona Eviction Timeline

How Long Does it Take to Evict a Tenant in Arizona?

Generally, the eviction process begins when a tenant fails to pay rent.  The first step to evicting a tenant in Arizona for failure to pay rent is to provide them with a Five-day notice.

A landlord has two options when serving a Five-day notice. First, the Five-day notice may be hand delivered to the tenant if they will sign and accept a copy. Secondly, the Five-day notice may be sent to the tenant via certified mail.

The Five-day notice is deemed accepted via certified mail either the date the tenant signs for the notice or five days after it is sent. So if a tenant waits 3 days to sign for the certified letter we must wait 3-days plus the 5-days.

If the tenant fails to pay the sum due within the five day time period the next step is to file a forcible detainer action.

The eviction action must be held within 3 to 6 days from the time the Complaint is filed with the court. If the tenant does not have any valid legal defense for failing to pay rent (and there are very few) the landlord will be awarded a judgment for the money owed and possession.

From the date of the hearing, the tenant has 6 calendar days to vacate the property. If the tenant does not vacate the property within the 6 days allotted a Writ of Restitution may be requested.

So it takes approximately 21 days from start-to-finish to evict a tenant in Arizona.

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